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Soft Cushion Cake Topper Skewer - Pack of 5 in Various Colours


AMAZING Soft Cushion Cake Topper Skewers in Gold or Silver, Hearts and Stars!

Introducing our Soft Cushion Cake Topper Skewers, available in a convenient 5 Pack! Choose from charming Hearts or Stars in either radiant Gold or Silver, adding a touch of elegance to your cake decoration.

Whether you're celebrating a party or any special occasion, these toppers are the perfect way to enhance your cake's appeal. Elevate your cake design with our Soft Cushion Cake Topper Skewers – where every slice becomes a delightful sign of celebration.

Really provides that finishing Touch to any Cake and can also be used for arts and crafts.

Pack of 5 of your choice - i.e. 1 pack of 5 Stars or 1 Pack of 5 Hearts in your chosen colour.

Average size (including skewer) - 14cm h x 4cm w
Material: Soft cushion fabric, glossy/Metallic plastic


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