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Natural Sun Dried Palm Leaves Cake Topper - Small or Large


Palm leaves are great for wedding cake decorations, birthday cake decorations and beach photo props. You can get so creative with them by using them with other flowers to really bring that magical touch.

Enhance your cake's allure with our exquisite selection of Small and Large Single Natural Palm Leaves. These dried palm fronds exude a rustic charm that's perfect for adorning your wedding cake. The sun-dried, delicate beauty of these palm leaves adds a touch of elegance to your cake decoration.

Elevate your cake design with the beauty of nature – our Small and Large Single Natural Palm Leaves are the ultimate flower cake topper for a wedding cake that truly stands out.

Palm leaves can be used in floral arrangements, photo props, table decorations, and for what we use them for.....cake decoration!

Each palm leaf is unique. They are real palm leaves, that have been dried out and keeps their shape.


  • Small - average size 11cm w x 13 cm L
  • Large - average size 13cm w x 15 cm L

*These are natural sun-dried, hand-trimmed palm leaves, and as such, any imperfections on the surface of the leaves are normal and created by nature and during drying process. Size, shape and colour may differ slightly from the pictures and vary between the leaves.

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