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Satin 5" inch Biodegradable Balloons for Celebrations, Weddings and Birthdays - Pack of 5 or 10 in Various Colours


Satin 5" Balloons, great to make your party decorations look that more special.

Elevate your celebrations with the luxurious touch of our SATIN 5" inch Biodegradable Balloons, available in packs of 5 or 10! From cake decoration to garland crafting, these balloons infuse a sense of elegance into your party decor.

Whether it's a vibrant birthday bash, a romantic wedding, or a joyful surprise, these balloons create an ambiance of charm and celebration.

Elevate your event and make your moments truly unforgettable with our SATIN 5" inch Biodegradable Balloons – where each occasion is wrapped in sophistication and surprise.

All 5 inch Balloons are HIGH Quality 100% Biodegradable Latex.

Choose either a pack of 5 or 10.

Can be blown either by mouth or using a balloon pump. Air fill only.

Please choose your colour of balloon.


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